Who are you?

My name is Shlomi Bernthal, and I'm one of the leading commercial photographers in Israel, located in Tel Aviv. I established my studio back in 2005, having gained extensive experience in commercial and documentary photography. My photographs were published in national advertising campaigns, newspapers, journals, book covers, brochures, packages, and of course, on internet sites. If you still didn't get a chance to browse through my online portfolio, I invite you to do it now.

What are the main areas in which the studio specializes?

– Jewelry and designer items

– Food products and plates

– Commercial products and industrual plants

– Paintings, sculptures and other types of art

– Business and personal portraits and portfolios

Which types of clients does the studio serve?

– Advertising, branding and PR agencies, graphic and web designers

– Hi-tech companies, heavy industry, food industry, restaurants, and chefs

– Magazines, book publishers, and institutes of higher education

– Artists, painters, sculptors, product designers, actors and athletes

What are the stages for executing a project?

– The client should provide us with details. such as: what are we shooting, where are we shooting, how many pictures are required, for what purpose, etc.

– Once we've examined the request, we will send you a price quote.

– After the price quote is approved by the client, we can set a date for the shoot,

– Once the shoot is done, we process the pictures, which takes a few days.

– The finished files are sent to the client via the Internet.

Do you have a kitchen in the studio?

Yes, there's a spacious, fully equipped kitchen in the studio.

Do you use digital equipment or film?

The studio uses the most advanced digital equipment, including medium format cameras with a 40 megapixel digital back.

Does the shoot take place in the studio or in the client's location?

Shooting in the studio is more effective as we can achieve greater quality and get more photographs taken in a given amount of time, compared to shooting in the client's location. However, in cases where shipping the items is not practical or permissible for any reason, it is possible to shoot in the client's location. Shooting on location incurs an additional fee.

Is the client required or allowed to be present during shooting?

In case of non standard items, or special shooting requirements, it is recommended that the client be present during the shoot, and a date needs to be set. However, normally the client can send the items via courier or drop them off, and we will shoot them according to our schedule.

Do you safeguard client privacy?

In accordance with the client's needs, we strictly adhere to secrecy of photos, product details, and client identity.

Where is the studio located?

The studio is located in Tel Aviv on 10 Baruch Agadati Street.

Can I drop in without an appointment?

We would appreciate it if you contact us by phone or e-mail prior to arrival.

How much do you charge?

We would be happy to provide a proposal, after hearing the project details over the phone, e-mail, or in a meeting whichever is most convenient for you.

Do you shoot private events?

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate weddings, bar-mitzvahs, circumcisions, or kindergartens.

Do you shoot video?

We specialize in still photography only.

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